4/14/14 and 4/15/14

Good and bad, in equal measure. 

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April TC Challenge, Day 13

13. Does your TC make you feel special?

Of course! In her own way, every day. :) 

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  • Relationship status: I'm hers... she just doesn't know it.
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April TC Challenge, Days 1-12

more catching up to do, yaaaay

1. How often do you see your TC on a weekly basis?

Every day, Monday-Friday.

2. Have either of your parents met your TC? If so what did they think of him/her?

Yes, both of them have met L. :) Once last year, when I was her student in Honors English on Back-To-School night, once this year on Back-To-School night, and my mom talked to her again at Open House. They both really like her. :)

3. Has your TC ever said something that has made you uncomfortable around them?

No, not that I can think of.

4. Have you ever met your TC’s partner/wife/husband? What was it like?

Yes, once. Last year. I met L’s husband at this Civil War exhibit thing in our local library. I walked in and saw her, and she waved and hugged me. Her husband shook my hand and I introduced myself to him, and L told me the next day that I was “not a girl,” but “a young woman.” He liked me, apparently.

5. If your TC told you they were leaving, what would you do?

Sob and cry and try my best to keep in touch with her. I am leaving school soon— I am graduating— so I imagine it will be the same then, haha.

6. Do you know of any other pupils who have a crush on your TC crush? If not, do you think many people do?

No, not specifically. I’m sure people do though.

7. Are you or have you crushed on another teacher before? What happened?

Yes. Right now, I have a little crush on my AP English teacher, W. Nothing has happened, really. I know he likes me, but eh. In middle school, I had a huuuge crush on my French teacher. Like, almost L-level infatuation. I babysat for her once, and she and I were kind of friends, but then we fell out of touch and I haven’t seen her in almost four years… so yeah. I am NOT letting that happen with L. Not a chance.

8. Do you ever see yourself dating somebody your own age? Why or why not?

I suppose I could. I’d like to. But the reality of the situation is that I will always be attracted to people who are older than me, so I can see myself ending up with someone older, eventually.

9. Imagine your school is asking students to write an article on student teacher relationships and you’ve been asked to help. What sort of thing would you want to put in the article?

I wouldn’t write anything. First of all, I’m in journalism, so everyone would know that I wrote it. Second, L would figure out that it was about her. And third, I don’t know what I’d say! I’ve been pretty in love with her for almost two years now, but I still haven’t figured out how to deal with it. I wouldn’t have any good advice, really.

10. How do you imagine your TC’s body to be like?

You mean naked? Um. Well, she is very slim, and kind of flat chested, and she has freckles on her chest. So I imagine they go down a little way, and then I imagine the rest of her skin being very smooth and soft and such?? I don’t know, this question makes me kind of uncomfortable.

11. If your TC called you ugly, how would you react?

She would never. But I would probably start sobbing or something I don’t know. 

12. If your TC called you beautiful how would you react?

She actually does all the time! And I’m always a super awkward mess about it. I need to learn how to take a compliment.

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March TC Challenge, Days 19-31

WOW lots of catching up to do ahhhh

19. If I was your TC, what would you say to me right now?

That I love you, that I miss you, that I know that you will never feel the same way I do, but that I hope that we can still have a strong friendship that will last a long, long time.

20. Did your feelings develop over time or did you like them from the moment you met?

They definitely developed over time, though they developed pretty fast.

21. What is the nicest thing your TC has ever said to you?

Oh… well, this is a hard one. She’s said a lot of nice things to me. But probably the nicest was when she told me that she had read a poem of mine, and that it was so amazing that it had made her cry… twice. She then proceeded to call me amazing and thanked me for writing “something so beautiful.” :)

22. Have you ever told your TC anything you wish you hadn’t told them?

Hm. No, I don’t think so.

23. What was your first impression of your tc?

That she was very nice, and very pretty.

24. If you could date your TC without anyone knowing, would you?


25. Is there something your TC does that makes you smile every time he/she does that?

She calls me “my dear” or “darling girl” a lot. :)

26. Does your TC have any cute/weird/funny habits?

She has a little roll-y backpack that she always totes around, it’s kinda hilarious. She also plays music for her class a lot and will sorta dance along to it. :)

27. What is your favorite moment with your TC so far?

When she showed me discreetly that she had glued one of the notes that I gave her into her planner thing, that she said her “whole life” is in. :) Also, though this wasn’t a direct moment between us, she put a note that I wrote her up on her wall by her desk, and I just recently noticed it.

28. Does your TC have any phrases he/she says often?

Ummm… “my dear,” “hey, kids,”…. uhhh… I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of any at the moment!

29. Do any of your friends/family know that you have a TC?

They know that L and I are friends, and that she is very special to me, but they don’t know the depth of my feelings toward her.

30. How do you think your TC would react if they’d find your blog?

I don’t want to think about that, tbh.

31. What is the weirdest dream you’ve had about your TC?

I had a weird zombie apocalypse dream involving her once… it was very strange.

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Huuuuuge update. Sorry for being so slow at posting, I’ve been insanely busy recently!

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An update was LONG overdue…

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Being in love and not being able to tell anyone is the worst feeling in the world, let me tell you. My parents and friends will ask me why I’m so giggly and happy after seeing L, and I don’t know how to reply. I’ll leave my friends, drop everything to see L, and they don’t understand, and I can’t tell them. And worst of all, I can’t tell L herself. 

She probably knows by now that I love her, what with all the gifts I’ve given her and everything that I’ve done for her. But I don’t think she recognizes the depth of my feelings for her, she probably just thinks I love her in a platonic way, or maternal way. And I can never tell her otherwise. 

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I’m scared as hell to want you. But here I am, wanting you anyway.
— Meredith Grey (via de-ceiver)
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